Bedspreads & Comforters

Long arm quilting is most commonly used to embroider bedspreads and comforters.  Decorative Quilting uses both standard patterns and custom, hand-guided techniques to produce exceptional quality in embroidery designs.

For the more traditional look, we offer many standard quilting options. But for those of you looking for something completely unique… something a little more ‘out there’… something that’s completely YOU, check out our T-shirt pillows and quilts or out Neck Tie Quilts!

Standard embroidery options include:

Diamonds or Squares
Channels, Diagonals and Horizontals
5" Provincial
Heart Leaf
4" D.N. Square
3" Scalloped Diamond

Custom Embroidery:

The options are nearly limitless! While we do offer many different patterns to choose from, some of the ways that you may want to consider quilting your custom piece include:

Outline tracing of special patterns
Quilting in a pattern on a solid fabric
Combination quilting (such as outlines with vermicelli in between)

2 inch Diamond Quilting

Custom Quilted Bedspread and Pillows

Fitted Quilted Bedspread