Memory Quilts

Memory quilts are custom pieces typically made from a collection of cloth items belonging to you or a loved one. Decorative Quilting can make memory quilts out of most any type of cloth object. Some of the projects we have done include:

  • Concert T-Shirt Quilt
  • Necktie Quilt
  • Baby Blanket Quilt
  • College Sweatshirt Quilt
  • Housecoats Quilt
  • Sports Jersey Quilt

The possibilities are endless when it comes to memory quilts!

Decorative Quilting will use the items you bring in to design a custom pattern for your quilt. We will then provide the filler and backing fabric to complete your memory quilt. Typical sizes range from lap quilt to Twin size, but may be larger if you have more materials to work with.

Prices for memory quilts vary based on size and complexity. Please call us at (718) 661-2216 to discuss your memory quilt project and get a quote.

Sports Jersey Memory Quilt

Neck Tie Memory Quilt